About Us

Our Story

Established in Boulder, CO early in 2014 ,Wingtip Services has steadily grown into Colorado’s most dependable restaurant supply company. By understanding our customers  needs we have found our place in the restaurant industry. By operating under a different business model, we are able to bring you lower prices than our competitors while maintaining superior customer service.

As a corollary, our customers prefer working with us because we take the time to make a personal connection and work diligently to get them exactly what they’re looking for.

Our Dedication

We are growing into our own here at Wingtip Services and we strive to have a greater impact on not only the marketplace, our customers, and the environment, but all stake holders because good ethics in business is important. We view the environment as one of the most important stakeholders and we strive to support businesses that have similar views.

While we are in a business where waste is inevitable, it doesn’t mean we take being green lightly. We are working hard to make a difference.


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